BEXA is a brand for children who walk their own paths, creative and courageous explorers.

In our projects, we combine fairytale mysteries with the atmosphere of adventure and we make this a hint of hipster nonchalance. This is how sets of costumes for fairy-tale dragons or a charming Scottish mouse are created - from hand-made shoes and comfortable trousers, on caps and stylish accessories.

Products with the BEXA logo are not associated with average children's clothing. We prove that the real princess does not only dress in pink and a small man can have fun and be stylish at the same time.

Our recipients are boutiques and online stores appreciating innovative designs and high quality of workmanship. We have production facilities that allow you to carry out small orders immediately. We also work with factories to make larger contracts on time. We follow the rules of fair trade. We design and sew clothes in Poland since 1998. We use only high quality, certified fabrics and accessories from European suppliers.